What is Jade Jadeite & Nephrite Jade?

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What is Jade?

* Jade History: Jade is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of gemstones, but the only pure forms of jade are jadeite and nephrite. The history of jade goes back several thousand years when jade was first used to make weapons and tools because of its toughness. It was first fashioned into tools, sculptures, ax heads, weapons, and tools for scraping and hammering, jewelry, and other objects for over 5,000 years. Natural nephrite jade dragon carving from HeTian City in China. Even white color is pristine in nephrite jade.

So now because some specimens Jadeite Jade has lots of beautiful colors and could be polished to a brilliant luster, people started to use jade for jewelry, talismans, and ornamental objects as gemstones. Although most people who think of jade imagine a beautiful green gemstone, the material occurs in a wide variety of colors that include green, white, lavender, yellow, blue, black, red, orange, and gray.

* Jade has Jadeite jade & Nephrite jade.

* Jadeite Jade-- The best Jadeite jade came from Burma/Myanmar.( Top Imperial Jadeite Jade is the most expensive collectibles in this world ).

* Nephrite Jade--The best nephrite jade came from China, ( Top Mutton Fat White Jade is very expensive for collectibles )


Example----Beautiful natural colorful Phoenix neck-piece. Part of Baikalla Jewelry's High-end jewelry collection.

Natural Jadeite Necklace With Mixed Color Jadeite Imperial And Yellow Jadeite and Ice jadeite


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