Colorless Impregnation in Jadeite Jade

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What is color less impregnation? 

According to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), Colorless impregnation is "Filling of pores or other openings with melted wax, resin, polymer, or plastic to improve appearance and stability." 

Colorless Impregnation in Jadeite

When it comes to Jade Jewelry, jade can often be treated. One of the main steps to treatments of jade is impregnating the jade with resin. When used on jadeite, the jadeite is bleached, then it's impregnated with a color less polymer resin. And that is considered to be "B" jade. 

It's incredibly important to stay educated so when you are purchasing jade to buy only natural, untreated jade. As treated jade have little to no value. You don't want to end up buying treated jade at natural jade price.

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Colorless Impregnation in Nephrite

Nephrite jade is not often treated. So most of the time you can shop in confidence. But when it comes to very valuable nephrite jade, sometime treatments are used to improve the color. 


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