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Which color of jade is the most valuable?

Which color of jade is most valuable? Answer: Imperial Green Jadeite Jade Quality Factors. Jadeite comes in a wide range of colors. The most valuable is an intense green called Imperial Green.  ***... Read More

How to Treated Jadeite Jade B or C?

** Treatment Process About Grade B or C Jadeite Jade:          All treated jade ( here is talk about jadeite jade, Chinese people calls 翡翠玉 ) ,The B... Read More
Genuine Ice Jadeite Jade Swan Pendant & Brooch with Gold Diamonds
Genuine Jadeite Jade Lavender Green Ice Bangle Bracelet At Baikalla Jewelry

4 Tips for Shopping for Jade Bangles Bracelet Online

4 Tips For Shopping for Jade Bangles Bracelet Online Is it a Genuine Jade Bangle? Beware of imitation stones or glass or plastics. Is it Genuine JADEITE or Nephrite Jade?  If it's nephrite jade, Where... Read More

4 Simple Ways to Know the jade is Real Jade or Fake Jade

Hey guys! It’s Jackson, a sales associate at Baikalla Jewelry, where we carry only natural gemstone and genuine jade jewelry. As you can see we are back in the showroom... Read More
Real Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet (翡翠玉镯)
What's Grade A B or C of jade?

What's Grade A B or C of jade?

What's Grade A B or C of jade? About Grade A B or C, this only talk about Burmese Jadeite jade, Nephrite hasn't Grade A B or C. * GIA... Read More

What Is Authentic Jade?

What Is Authentic Jade? When it comes to Genuine Jade, one can refer to them as either Jadeite or Nephrite. Two different minerals but are alike in appearance. But wait...there... Read More
What Is Authentic Jade?
Genuine Imperial Jadeite Jade Ring with Diamond

Natural Jade vs Treated Jadeite Jade?

Welcome! To the Baikalla Jewelry Blog, where we post educational content about jade jewelry and other gemstone jewelry. Today we will be discussing:Natural vs Treated jade "What's the difference?" "How... Read More

Real vs Fake Jadeite Jade

## Why make Grade C jade? Because Colorful Jadeite Jade is more valuable than no colors. That's why people made fake or dyed color. In a classification system that is used... Read More
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Genuine Lavender Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 翡翠玉镯

What's Grade C Jade?

## What is Grade “C” jade? GIA Jadeite jade Certification: What is type A, B, C jadeite jade?  Simple to know: Grade A: Natural form, untreated. undyed jadeite jade; Grade B: Chemically treated... Read More

Jadeite Vs Nephrite Jade

Jadeite Jade Vs Nephrite Jade Hardness: Nephrite jade hardness is 6-6.5 (Mohs hardness scale), Jadeite Jade hardness is on 6.5-7(Mohs hardness scale). Density: Nephrite has a density range of 2.9-3.03, whereas... Read More
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