What's Grade C Jade?

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## What is Grade “C” jade?

GIA Jadeite jade Certification: What is type A, B, C jadeite jade? 

Simple to know:

Grade A: Natural form, untreated. undyed jadeite jade;

Grade B: Chemically treated and resin infused, Treated jadeite jade,

Grade C: Treated and Dyed coloring Jadeite jade, ( C jadeite jade is almost Grade B+dyed Color )

Grade Fake: Imitation, glasses or fake jade .


## Why make Grade C jade?

Because Colorful Jadeite Jade is more valuable than no colors. That's why people made fake or dyed color. In a classification system that is used in China,  GIA use too.  but jadeite jade ( 翡翠玉) is very popular in China. Grade “C” jade refers to dyed material. Typically, type C jadeite has undergone all the treatments of type B and with the addition of dyed coloring added to the polymer resin to produce an enhanced or additional coloring effect. Certain jade collectors look for jadeite items that come in three colors: green, white, orange, or purple.

***      This information is important for the buyers to understand so they are aware of the potential risk, and to make an educated purchase. And Baikalla Jewelry will always be your trusted personal jade jewelry source. 

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Beautiful natural cabochon imperial jade necklace. 18k rose gold. Grade A jadeite. 

What's it to you?

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