Real Jade vs Treated Jade vs Fake Jade

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Real vs Treated Jade vs Fake Jade

Treated/ fake jade is not new news, it dates back to around 1980 when merchants started practicing the practice of treating jadeite to sell the low-quality jade for a better price. The main difference between natural and treated jade is that the jade has been bleached and sometimes colored. Which causes the jade to look more like the higher quality ones. We will get into the differences later.

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Grades of Jadeite ( GIA Certificate  A, B, C )

Ok, back on topic. Treated jade can be broken down to two different grades. The Grade B, Grade C. Grade A, being the natural, untreated jadeite.

Grade A Jadeite---These are the untreated, natural jadeite that are believed to bring good luck to the person who possesses the gem. All Baikalla Jewelry jade are guaranteed to be 100% natural. 

Grade B Jadeite---These are Acid-bleached, polymer-impregnated jadeite jade.Which get rid of inclusions and things like black spots and transparency.

Garde C Jadeite--Dyed jadeite jade. ‘C’ jade, usually pre-dates the impregnation era.

So-----Grade A jadeite jade is what you are looking for. It's Real Jade.

          Grade B and C are Treated jadeite jade, That's bad for body because strong ACID.

About Fake Jade--- Imitation jade as glass, plastic, resin....

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