How to know the value of jade?

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The value of Jade comes down to 4 attributes: Which are 

  1. Color
  2. Texture 
  3. Craftsmanship
  4. Translucency/ Transparency

All of the four things plays into the over all cost of the piece of jade, no two pieces of jade will be exactly the same, which makes each piece of jade jewelry unique and interesting. Unlike some other stones that are used in jewelry.

1: Color 

Jadeite comes in many different colors, such as green, yellow, lavender, black, red, brown, dark green. But the most common is either a shade of green or a white-ish color with faint green. Generally the more vibrant the color is, the more desirable it is, not only because the vibrant color stones are harder to find, also because truly how stunning the color can be. Such as the Jadeite piece in the main picture of the blog.

For example, the three rings shown in the picture above are all natural genuine jadeite. Notice the color variation.

2: Texture:

The texture of the jade piece, is talking about how fine the jade piece looks, for example a jadeite bangle that are more expensive is going to have a finer grain. A common analogy is comparing the skin of a young women to the skin of an elderly lady. Same goes for jade, but we are looking at the marbling, cracks, of the pieces. 

This bangle has a very fine texture, with little to no marbling, which makes this a very fine bangle.

3: Craftsmanship

This is refers to how well the piece of jewelry is carved/ made, this is mainly for pieces that are like Buddha, carvings of different animals, carvings of different symbols, etc. And in general how well they are carved, how realistic the piece looks. Etc. In a way like the cut on a diamond. We want an excellent cut, that's some thing also looked at in jade. Here for example, we are looking at a jadeite Buddha and a natural jadeite bangle, notice how well done the Buddha is.

4:  Translucency/ Transparency.  

We will look at this bangle again. Notice the how translucent this jade bangle is compared to some of the other pieces. The more translucent the piece is the more desirable it is. This bangle is available on and this is a great example of a translucent piece. 

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