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How much is Treated Jade (B or C grade Jade) Worth?

** How much is Treated Jade (B or C grade Jade) Worth? I will say NO VALUE. Just A COSTUME JEWELRY with ACID.          Actually, If people want... Read More

What is “B” " C "jade?

What is “B” "C" jade? About B or C Jade, it's point Jadeite Jade, GIA certificate Grade A, Grade B, Grade C for JADEITE JADE.( 翡翠玉). In a classification system... Read More
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How to Put On Your New Jade Jadeite Bangle?

How to put on your new Jade Jadeite Bangle? * * * Jade Jadeite & Gemstones ( Birthstones & Anniversary Gemstones) Learn More: ## Follow us on Instagram, facebook, youtube for... Read More

What is type A, B, C jadeite jade?

GIA Jadeite jade Certification: What is type A, B, C jadeite jade?  Simple to know: Grade A: Natural form, untreated. undyed jadeite jade; Grade B: Chemically treated and resin infused, Treated jadeite jade, Grade... Read More
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