Sizing charts for jade bracelet/ bangles

For jade bracelets/ bangles:

Sizes for jade bangles goes ranges from 50mm - 64mm, and that is the measurement for the diameter of the bangle.  
XS: 50-54mm, S: 54-56mm, M: 56-58mm, L: 58-60mm, XL: 60-64mm

When measuring your hand, there are two ways you can find the most correct size.

 Method #1: Measure your palm.

#1: Measure the diameter of your palm. Note: From the middle fo the leftmost knuckle to the middle fo the rightmost knuckle. Not from one end to another. 
Place a ruler/ tape measure on your open palm from you index knuckle to the right most knuckle.

#2: Follow the conversion chart and find the right size for you.

Look at the max-width and find the jade bracelet diameter accordingly.
Example, if the measurement you got was 73mm. Now, look at the chart. 72-76mm is pointing to 56-58mm. So what you want is going to be 56-57mm. Because you are on the smaller end of the measurement. If you'd like to take the bracelet on and off easily, you might want to consider to go 1-2mm larger.

 Method #2: Measure the circumference of your hand: 

#1: Open up your hand, and then bring all five of your fingers to one point.
Bring all your fingers to one point
#2: Measure the circumference of your hand like in the picture below.
Same process as above, again, know that if you'd like to take the bracelet on and off easily, you should consider going 1-2mm larger. It's a small difference but makes all the difference ;) !
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