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Jade Bangles/ Bracelets

Gifting a jade bangle is a way of expressing love, friendship, and good fortune, as jade is believed to possess healing and protective properties and is considered a symbol of prosperity and longevity.

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"Ping An Kou" (Lucky Button) Collection

A motif representing good luck, safety and protection.

Give the gift of protection & love

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Shou Tao: [寿桃] "Longevity peach" Collection

Traditionally given to parents to wish longevity in their wise years. Meanings of good health, wealth, and longevity.

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The "Guan Yin"

"Goddess of Compassion"

Gifting a guan yin is a meaningful gesture of wishing them peace, compassion, and protection, as Guan Yin is revered as a symbol of mercy and kindness in Chinese culture and mythology.


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