What is “B” " C "jade?

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What is “B” "C" jade?

About B or C Jade, it's point Jadeite Jade, GIA certificate Grade A, Grade B, Grade C for JADEITE JADE.( 翡翠玉).

In a classification system that is used in Hong King, “B” jade refers to jadeite that has been bleached with acid and then impregnated with polymer resin. “A” jade refers to jadeite that is natural or treated with wax only and “C” jade refers to dyed material.

Actually, about B or C jadeite jade, If people want treated the lowest Grade A jadeite jade to Grade B, they will dyed colors at same time. Make them more colors. That's why people called B+C.

Treated B+ C jadeite is worth approximately $10 -$200,  Although sometimes B +C jade has almost no value because many truly consider treated jadeite to not be real jade anymore. Grade B or C jadeite jade values at around $10-$200. Actually, no value. Just a costume jewelry. 

**       This information is important for the buyers to understand so they are aware of the potential risk, and to make an educated purchase. And Baikalla Jewelry will always be your trusted personal jade jewelry source. 

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