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Three Benefits Of Wearing Jade Jewelry!

Three Benefits Of Wearing Jade Jewelry!

Jadeite and nephrite jade jewelry have been one of the icon of jade jewelry for years, the idea of jade providing wealth and safety for the wearer is very prevalent... Leer más
Multiple Colors Genuine Jadeite Beads Bracelets

Jadeite Jade Quality Factors

Jadeite Jade Quality Factors -- GIA ( Reprint From GIA ) Jadeite comes in a wide range of colors. The most valuable is an intense green called Imperial. - Courtesy... Leer más
Jade Meaning – An Intriguing History for Modern Jewelry

Jade Meaning – An Intriguing History for Modern Jewelry

Help buyers in the consideration phase discover products perfect for their gift recipient.
Genuine Jadeite Jade Lavender Green Ice Bangle Bracelet At Baikalla Jewelry

4 Tips for Shopping for Jade Bangles Bracelet Online

4 Tips For Shopping for Jade Bangles Bracelet Online Is it a Genuine Jade Bangle? Beware of imitation stones or glass or plastics. Is it Genuine JADEITE or Nephrite Jade?  If it's nephrite jade, Where... Leer más
Top Quality Jadeite Jade GuanYin Pendant (翡翠观音)

Real Jade vs Treated Jade vs Fake Jade

Grade A Jadeite

These are the untreated, natural jadeite that are believed to bring good luck to the person who possesses the gem. All Baikalla Jewelry jade are guaranteed to be 100% natural.  

Ok, back on topic. Treated jade can be broken down to three different grades. The Grade B, Grade C, and Grade D.  
How to measure your jadeite jade bangle size

How to Measure to Get Right Jadeite Jade Bangle Size?

Finding the right size bangle is very very important to ensure the proper fit of the jade bracelet on your hand. Method #1: Measure your palm.

#1: Measure the diameter of your palm. (Note: From the middle fo the leftmost knuckle to the middle fo the rightmost knuckle. Not from one end to another.)

#2: Follow the conversion chart and find the right size for you.ethod #2: Measure the circumference of your hand: #1: Open up your hand, and then bring all five of your fingers to one point.#3: Choose your size accordingly! This should help you get started, start shopping our fine jade bracelet selection! 100% satisfaction, authenticity guaranteed.

Genuine Green Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 翡翠玉镯

5 Ways to Tell Your Jade Bangle Bracelet is Real Jade or Fake Jade

It’s quality is graded A, B, and C, depending on how it’s been treated. We are here to help! Here are 5 ways to tell if you have a real jadeite/nephrite jade bracelet! #1: 

The piece has to feel dense to the hand. #2: The color of the piece will seem natural, in general the more color the stone has, the more expensive the pieces will be. So if the jade is neon or bright red or green, it's fake. Unless you have spent a fortune for a high-quality piece like that. #3: Examine the texture, most pieces will NOT look smooth to the eye, and the more smooth ones are expensive. #4: Cold to the touch, a lot will be familiar with this, after the stone has been sitting there for a while, the piece will feel cold to the touch. #5: Visit a trusted Jeweler! Baikalla Jewelry has had a lot of experience with jade for a long time. We are qualified to answer your questions regarding jade!

Genuine jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet

How to know the value of jade?

The value of Jade comes down to 4 attributes: Which are  Color Texture  Craftsmanship Translucency/ Transparency All of the four things plays into the over all cost of the piece... Leer más
A Guide To Shop For The Authentic Jade Jewelry

A Guide To Shop For The Authentic Jade Jewelry

The exquisite, elegant, and vibrant Jade jewelry has become very popular and trendy that you may find the models on the ramp walk wearing it. Jade jewelry is quite versatile and can be worn for formal as well as daily use. But do you know what to consider while shopping for Jade jewelry or other precious gemstones? Scroll down further to find out! This blog is a Jade jewelry buying guide to help you pick the best Jade jewelry pieces and wear them with style.
Jade's Meaning and History.

Jade's Meaning and History.

Many cultures in the world have prized jade for ti's appearance properties and it's rareity for thousands of years! Today we will share a little bit of jade, the magical good luck stone with you!