Sterling Silver Genuine Nephrite Green Jade Pendant with Rose Gold Plated

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Gold plated with zircon pendant featuring a genuine green jade in the center.

Comes with durable string, 20"

Approx.TW:  7.65
Pendant dimension: 40mm*26.4mm
Primary stone dimension: 16.4mm*12.8mm
Primary stone:  Genuine green nephrite jade
Secondary stone:


Secondary stone dimension: 1mm
Material: Rose gold plated silver
Bail size: 8mm*3.6mm



Q: Is this genuine jade?

A: Yes! This is 100% natural jade! Color is not dyed. 


Q: How do I take care of my necklace?

A: It is recommended that you use some mild dish soap, a soft bristle tooth brush and use warm water to clean your piece of jewelry. First give it a good rinse in the warm water, and then put small dab of dish soap on the toothbrush and gently scrub the necklace! Be sure to get every side of the necklace, such as behind the stone in the necklace! Be gentle! Repeat if needed. Silver jewelry is not recommended to be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners, the above method is recommended.


Q: Will this piece's color change?

A: Silver will tarnish and become dull after wear for some time, it could be your body's chemical composition, the plating or your jewelry wearing habits. But it's very normal for it to look dull after a long time of wearing and it just takes some polishing with the polishing cloth we will send you with your piece of jewelry! It will look a lot better if you polished it very once in a while. And this piece's rose gold is not just rose gold coloring that will rub off. It's actual gold plated on to the silver, so it will last a long time if taken care of correctly.


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