Sterling Silver Natural Sky Blue Heart Topaz Ring

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Simplistic topaz ring, with zircon. Perfect birthday gift, promise ring. This ring is designed to fit from size 4 up to size 8 with the adjustable shank. Perfect for buying a gift if you don't know the finger size of the person you are buying the ring for.

Total Weight: 2.7g 
Primary Stone Size: 8.7x8.7mm
Primary Stone QTY: 1Approx. Shank width:


Side Stone Size: 


Side Stone Qty:


Primary Stone Type:

Sky Blue Topaz Round (Color may Vary from product picture)

Side Stone:



Fine Polished


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Frequently asked questions:

Q:Will the ring change color after I wear it for a while? Say a year?

A: No it will not, however silver does tarnish on it's own from day to day wear, but the silver we use is rhodium plated and it will stand up to the test of time! You will need to be a little careful with the side of the ring that's on the palm side. As that's the normal wear spot on a ring. But the color will remain.


Q: How easy is it to change the size on the ring?

A: It's very easy to change the size, all you have to do is just bend the shank! Just make sure your go easy use slow and steady movements. And we will not be responsible to fix the ring if the shank was yanked too hard. If you know what size, we can adjust the band to your size before sending it! Just put it in the notes section at checkout!


Q: How many days do I have to return this if say my gf doesn't like it?

A: You have 30 days to get your money back. Check out our return policy. 100% no hassle, once we get the piece we will inspect the piece and issue your refund! (conditions may apply, see the return policy for detail.)


Q: How do I take care of my ring?

A: It is recommended that you use some mild dish soap, a soft bristle tooth brush and use warm water to clean your piece of jewelry at home, or take it to our physical location to get it cleaned. First give it a good rinse in the warm water, and then put small dab of dish soap on the toothbrush and gently scrub the piece! Be sure to get every side of the jewelry, such as the back of the stones set! Be gentle! Repeat if needed.


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