Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Nephrite Green Jade Ring

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* DETAIL---Durable Rose Gold Plating over Silver. The piece is made to last. (Plating will get damaged if struck against hard surfaces) Natural, untreated, high-quality nephrite jade 9mm x 10mm cabochon. Features an adjustable band, can easily be sized from 6.5 to 10. Unique setting that offers security for the main stone, a stylish touch and peace of mind for you.

*  Specifications:

Approx. stone dimensions  7.8mm x 6.1mm
Primary stone: Genuine nephrite jade



Rose gold plated sterling silver

Setting type:


Side stone/QTY:


Side stone size:


Approx: shank width:


Approx. head height:



Easy-adjust from 6.5-10.



Q: Is this natural jade?

A: Yes, This is 100% natural jade. Color is not dyed. 


Q: Will this piece's color change?

A: Silver will tarnish and become dull after wear for some time, it could be your body's chemical composition, the plating or your jewelry wearing habits. But it's very normal for it to look dull and it just takes some polishing with the polishing cloth we will send you with your piece of jewelry! It will look a lot better if you polished it very once in a while. It's actual gold plated on to the silver, so it will last a long time if taken care of correctly!


Q: How does the adjustable size work?

A: The ring's shank is not closed at the bottom, which allows for easy adjustment. Shown in the pictures above. Great if you don't know what ring size she needs. If you need a certain size, put it in the note section at check out and we will adjust the size before we send it out to you.


Q: Can I wear this piece to bed or swimming or working out?

A: It is NOT recommended you wear our jewelry working out or swimming. Even though our chain is very durable for day to day wear it's not meant to withstand a hard yank on the chain. And you could possibly lose the charm! We know it looks pretty, but please remember to take the piece off! 

Q: How do I take care of my ring?

A: It is recommended that you use some mild dish soap, a soft bristle toothbrush and use warm water to clean your piece of jewelry. First, give it a good rinse in the warm water, and then put a small dab of dish soap on the toothbrush and gently scrub the necklace! Be sure to get every side of the ring, such as behind the stone from under. Be gentle, Repeat if needed.


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