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18k Gold Inlaid Genuine Jadeite Bracelet



Natural Jadeite with lavender and green pigmentation. 18k inlaid pattern crafted by hand. Truly one of a kind.


Total Weight:   81.39g
Width:  17.9mm
Diameter:  58mm
Color: Lavender & light green pigmentation
Design Element:  Tree Branches


This bangle is truly special, this is found exclusively at baikalla jewelry. You will not be able to find an item like this at your local shopping mall. And you are in luck, you have found this amazing bracelet in our collection. You might think, "why is this so expensive? It's just a bracelet!" and I will tell you, you are not just buying a bangle, you are buying value, you are buying an investment, you are buying a piece that is worth passing down to your family, something they will remember you by.  Jewelry like this will not lose value if anything gain more as the supplies get lower and lower from Myanmar, which is where this piece is from, right now the translucent jadeite's value is going up, and these muti-colored jade are due for a raise in price really soon.


If you would like to look at this piece in person, please come down to our showroom at the Clackamas Town Center in Happy Valley, OR. And speak to our jadeite expert. 

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