Real Jade Bracelets

Add Charm To Your Style With Our Finest-Quality Jade Bracelets

 Did you know that the Jadeite Jade symbolizes wealth, health, and protection in Chinese culture? The Chinese have treasured this gemstone for centuries because it is believed to bring the wearer wealth and good fortune. Known as "the precious stone of grace," jade is considered to be a symbol of elegance, grace, and purity. The classic style of the jade bangle or bracelet is round in circle or oval shape.

At Baikalla Jewelry, you can find authentic jadeite bracelets in many colors such as green, apple green, light green, lavender, ice green lavender, and amber. The most sought out is the green jade bracelet, which is an Emerald-like vivid green color. It's closely followed by Lavender Jade, which has a purplish-blue hue. Icy Jade is coming into the trend with its near-transparent white color. We also have a variety of jade beads bangle bracelets for kids, girls, and women. Jadeite Jade bangles are non-flexible, made out of solid minerals. Sizes refer to the internal diameter in millimeters. Our bracelets are available in sizes ranging from 54mm to 66mm.

Whether you want to add grace to your jewelry collection or want to gift someone a unique & elegant piece of jewelry, you can never go wrong with our pure, genuine, and real jade bangle bracelets.  All our bracelets are carved into unique, alluring & classic designs. Be assured that you will receive only the finest quality and genuine jade bracelets for sale here at Baikalla Jewelry. With our exquisite and subtle bracelets, we strive to be on top in the minds of jewelry lovers.